Multi-Part Series Bundles

  • Neurology Bundle

    Contains 18 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Purchase this bundle of CE courses covering many aspects of chiropractic neurology and save 10% over the individual price of all 6 courses combined! 1. Neurology of the Posture System​ by Krista Burns, DC 2. Implementing Functional Neurology in Chiropractic Care​ by Matthew Antonucci, DC 3. The Pre-participation Physical and Sports Concussion Management​ by Carlo Guadagno, DC​ 4. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion: An Invisible and Confusing Condition​ by James Lehman, DC 5. Keys to Recovery in Persistent Post-concussion Syndrome​ by Michael Powell, DC 6. Alzheimer's Prevention and Care in the Chiropractic Clinic​ by Michael Powell, DC

  • Spine Care Bundle

    Contains 20 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 10/10/2019

    Purchase this bundle of CE courses covering many aspects of chiropractic spine care and save 10%! 1. Ten Evidence-Informed Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of the Adjustment by David Graber, DC 2. Building a Bulletproof Back Rehab Program Into Your Practice: Part 1 by Daniel Bockmann, DC 3. Building a Bulletproof Back Rehab Program Into Your Practice: Part 2 by Daniel Bockmann, DC 4. Mastering The Disc: Mechanical Assessment of the Spine by Jonathan Michael Lesch, DC 5. Treatment of Post-Surgical Continued Spine Pain (PSCP) Using Cox® Flexion Distraction: A Discussion of Past, Present and Future Research by James Cox, DC and Ralph Kruse, DC 6. Realistic Active Care Plans for Chronic LBP: Leveraging Design Thinking and Behavioral Economics by Isaac Borowiec, DC

  • Medicare Coding and Documentation Toolkit: 4-Part Series Bundle

    Contains 10 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Minimize your losses, penalties or denials for Medicare reimbursement by taking this new multi-part course series, presented by Jennifer Rathmann, DC, and Lee Matthis, DC. Enhance your knowledge and skills in documenting and coding for chiropractic services under the Medicare program. Through this program, you will learn how to navigate the various points in the timeline of care under the current limited coverage permitted for chiropractic care. Avoid coding and documentation errors, which may have negative consequences on chiropractic practices such as improper or denied reimbursement or penalties. Save time and money by utilizing these practitioner-recommended self-audit techniques, which will minimize the occurrence of time-consuming external audits. You may register for each course individually or save 10% by registering for the bundle .

  • Documentation and Coding to Improve Patient Outcomes: 6-Part Series

    Contains 13 Component(s), Includes Credits

    (There will be a new, updated version of this series coming in the Summer of 2021) This 6-part course series from Dr. Kevin Sharp will provide the fundamental knowledge necessary to appropriately document patient examinations, what payers need to see in the documentation, how to handle audits, appropriate coding, billing policies, and other relevant compliance-related concepts. While the focus of the training will be to prepare Doctors of Chiropractic to run a compliant office, it will also show the value of tracking patient outcomes, illustrating improvement, and the positive impact that these tactics can make on both your practice and your patient’s success.