ACC RAC 2018 Choosing Wisely

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The purpose of the Choosing Wisely campaign is to spark thoughtful conversations between patients and their doctors about the best,
most appropriate care. Choosing Wisely is a joint effort between the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation and Consumer
They feature recommendations about health care procedures that are common, but whose usefulness in some cases is not supported
by the evidence. To participate, healthcare organizations develop a list of 5 tests and/or procedures that may be common but for whom
routine use is not necessarily based on the best evidence available. In August of 2017, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA)
released their Choosing Wisely list. This list focuses on the use of x-rays, back braces, physical therapy modalities and psychosocial
assessments for patients who need longer term care.
Since the release of this list, there has been significant controversy regarding the ACA's Choosing Wisely recommendations, including
misunderstandings regarding how they are to be applied in chiropractic clinical practice. The ACA’s Choosing Wisely campaign creates
an opportunity for our chiropractic educational institutions to discuss best practices in spine care, and what constitutes patient centered,
evidence informed management of back pain.
Panelists will begin with a discussion of the Choosing Wisely campaign, and the evidence base that informed recommendations.
Leading experts will supplement the discussion by challenging and exploring various facets of the recommendations. This includes
imaging related questions to consider as part of our chiropractic research agenda, an update of best practices for active care in patient
treatment plans, and perspectives on the extent to which Doctor of Chiropractic Programs should reflect Choosing Wisely
recommendations in their curricula. The goal of this session is to empower attendees with the information and tools necessary to
deliver, and instruct chiropractic students in best practice management of low back pain.

Todd Knudsen, DC, DACBR

Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Special Projects

 New York Chiropractic College


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Open to view video. Dr. Knudsen's Presentation