Spine IQ Demonstrating the Value of Conservative Spine Care Using Clinical Data Registries

  • Are you interested in learning how your practice stacks up with your peers in managing spine pain? With other professions?
  • Are you interested in understanding how you can demonstrate evidence-based processes and positive outcomes for your patients to third-party payers?
  • Do you have interest in the potential to qualify for high-performance networks seeking quality-driven primary spine providers?

The emphasis on quality healthcare has escalated over the past decade and pay-for-performance is imminent. All healthcare providers wishing to participate in third-party reimbursement will need to demonstrate to payers that quality metrics are being met

Join Dr. Anthony Hamm for an hour-long discussion on the advantages of joining a Qualified Clinical Data Registry.

Dr. Anthony W. Hamm, DC

Chief Clinical Officer

Spine IQ



Recorded 06/29/2017
Recorded 06/29/2017 Dr. Anthony Hamm Webinar