7 Key Elements to Grow Your Practice Online

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If your practice is looking to grow, this session will help you build a robust game plan for tackling the online space so you can consistently draw in new patents to your practice and help more people in your community. Learn the ins and outs of the primary activities you should be doing online to connect with more people, educate your community, position yourself as the authority, and draw in new patients.

Learning Objectives:

Describe best practices for your website 

Identify how to position yourself on Google 

Analyze the proper way to use social media promotion 

Explain how to tap into marketing and automation 

This presentation is provided as a resource to our members in conjunction with our members only white paper, SEO Basics for Chiropractic Practices. These materials seek to help elevate our members who have an active interest in mastering digital promotion and marketing skills that will further support the growth of their practice. 

Additional reading: https://www.acatoday.org/news-...

Nick Fischer

Founder • Digital Marketing Consultant


Nick Fischer is the founder of CHIROBASIX, a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping practices grow by positioning them online to drive in new patents and increase retention rates. Nick is the author of the book “Chiropractor’s Marketing Playbook”, the host on the “Chiropractic Practice Success” podcast, and an active member of the ACA. 


Webinar - 7 Key Elements to Growing Your Practice Online
Recorded 06/03/2022
Recorded 06/03/2022 Mr. Nick Fischer
Post-Webinar Survey - 7 Key Elements to Growing Your Practice Online
6 Questions
6 Questions Post-Webinar Survey - 7 Key Elements to Growing Your Practice Online