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    This 3-part series seeks to engage clinicians to evaluate their current practices and to make relevant adjustments to ensure the care that they provide is inclusive and patient-focused. This course series is free to ACA members and worth up to 3 CE credits.

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  • Recorded On: 04/09/2020

    While the nation practices social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, leverage these telehealth tips to continue to serve your patients and provide patient-centered care. Join Dr. Daniel Bockmann as he outlines his smooth transition from hands-on treatment to telemedicine, shares simple tricks he's learned and talks about how appreciative his patients are for this service.

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    In June of 2018 the landmark Lancet Low Back Pain Series was published. Professor Jan Hartvigsen was co-chair for the steering group. In this webinar he will present the content and key points from the series. These include description of what low back pain is and the burden and impact of low back pain on individuals and societies; current recommendations from evidence-based clinical guidelines and the evidence-practice gap that is apparent everywhere; promising new directions in management of low back pain; and finally, a global call to action for individuals, clinicians and decision makers. He will highlight the need for change in the way we deal with low back pain and musculoskeletal disorders and how chiropractors can be important stakeholders in promoting and leading this change.

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    ​This compliancy series features 5 brief video explanations that seek to identify key components necessary for practitioners to become HIPAA compliant and outlines best practices on how to start implementing an effective compliance program.