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    The Learn ACA subscription offers access to over 100 courses covering current trending topics. With the Learn ACA Subscription, gain system-wide access to ACA’s accredited, high-quality continuing education and earn the credits you need to renew your license on your schedule.

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    While insurance billing and collections is a huge part of practice cash flow, the often over-looked topic of Over-the-Counter (OTC) Collections is one of the keys to improving practice cash flow. In this webinar, Brandy Brimhall will discuss: -Common challenges in over-the-counter collections -How to identify if OTC collections is a weak spot for your practice cash flow -Specific action steps to make immediate improvement in OTC collections for your practice Over-the-counter Collections is not just essential for the health of a practice cash flow but is also a requirement per many rules and regulations. This session is a win-win as it will help guide your practice to immediate improvement of cash flow as well as help practices get into alignment with necessary rules and regulations in this area. This webinar is not for CE credit.

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    A proper verification of benefits is an essential step in billing insurance. It provides the foundation for proper coding and billing, as well as appealing denied claims when it becomes necessary. This presentation takes the viewer through the steps of verifying benefits, giving examples of what to look for and the questions to ask, and highlighting specific scenarios, including instances when special questioning may be necessary.