New Doctor Toolkit 


  • Building a Bulletproof Shoulder & Neck Rehab Program Into Your Practice

    Contains 5 Component(s), 1 credit offered Includes a Live Event on 10/17/2019 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    Join Dr. Daniel Bockmann for a course which provides detailed instruction on how to introduce a simple, effective, evidence-informed shoulder and neck rehab program into any doctor's practice, with little to no equipment needed. This rehab protocol is easily adaptable for all patients with shoulder or neck conditions, irrespective of age, activity level or general health status. Dr. Bockmann will begin with a brief discussion of the primary causes of mechanical problems in the neck and shoulder complex, how they arise, and how they are best assessed. The course defines simple treatment tactics, employing the 5 most effective clinical tools for shoulder and neck conditions: spinal manipulation, stretches, massage/myofascial release, exercise and lifestyle modification. He will discuss how both technique problems (whether in life or sport), and systemic problems (disease, deficiency, dehydration, lack of sleep, etc.) can overlay a mechanical problem, and slow healing or prevent recovery, and much more!

  • Communication: The Key to Improve Patient Outcomes and Coordination of Care

    Contains 5 Component(s), 1 credit offered Recorded On: 05/16/2019

    Communication plays a vital role in clinical practice. It is fundamental to risk management and clinical management. Communication has a profound effect on patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes, in addition to driving referrals and minimizing malpractice risk. Join Dr. Shawn Neff for a presentation that will review the research pertaining to doctor to patient and doctor to doctor communication and will give you strategies you can implement Monday to improve patient compliance, outcomes and satisfaction. You will gain skills and strategies to build an interdisciplinary network to improve coordination of care and increase medical referrals for chiropractic.

  • Finding the Right Fit: A Discussion on Employment Opportunities

    Contains 2 Component(s)

    One of the biggest challenges doctors of chiropractic face when seeking employment or employing a chiropractor is finding the right fit and determining success. Dr. Ray Tuck and Dr. Steven Huybrecht's presentation aims to provide both employers and potential employees the tools to aid them in this process to create positive, long-lasting relationships.

  • Ethical and Professional Practice Promotion

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    Join Dr. Heidi Henson as she discusses how to market and promote your Chiropractic business in an ethical and professional way. Dr. Henson will highlight the many dos and don'ts of practice promotion, while offering the advice on how to best fine tune your marketing towards your potential patients. This presentation is part of ACA's "New Doctor Toolkit", designed to help give those doctors beginning their practices the best chance to succeed.

  • Theory-Driven and Evidence-Informed Chiropractic: A 6-Hour Survey

    Contains 14 Component(s), 6 credits offered

    This course from Dr. Robert Leach provides a brief introduction to the science of chiropractic for the busy clinician or student, explaining in simple terms how theory and evidence may inform and even drive modern clinical practice. The course focuses on five promising theories for evidence-informed practice, including: inflammation, segmental dysfunction, neuroplasticity, immobilization degeneration, and wellness/psychosocial. An overarching goal of the course is for the busy clinician to understand possible scientific explanations for chiropractic and how the research has informed practice guidelines, discuss ways to communicate these topics with patients and other healthcare partners, and incorporate them into the practice behaviors.

  • Evidence-based Diagnosis for Low Back Pain

    Contains 4 Component(s), 1 credit offered

    The purpose of this webinar from Dr. Robert Vining is to discuss an evidence-based diagnostic system and exam for low back pain. Low back pain can represent many conditions requiring different management strategies. However, conflicting terminology and poor or unknown diagnostic test validity result in diagnoses based largely on opinion. This webinar series presents and looks at the evidence supporting office-based diagnostic criteria for common neuromusculoskeletal diagnoses.

  • ACC RAC 2018 Choosing Wisely

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    The goal of this session is to empower attendees with the information and tools necessary to deliver, and instruct chiropractic students in best practice management of low back pain.

  • How to Build a Compliant and Profitable Practice

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    From NCLC 2018, this presentation is designed to challenge doctors of chiropractic to make business decisions that drive quality outcomes in patient management and the profitability of the office.

  • Using Patients Reports of Outcomes and Experiences to Improve Outcomes

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    From NCLC 2018, this session will present the evidence behind the use of PROM/PREM for the care of individual patients as well as for enhancing development of clinical services.​

  • Case in Point: How to Use Evidence to Support Patient Care, Provider Education and Payer Compliance

    Contains 2 Component(s)

    This webinar from Dr. Jay Greenstein will teach you to: • Maximize compliance through patient education; • Fight insurance company denials and get paid for the value you are delivering; and • Increase physician referrals.