Realistic Active Care Plans for Chronic LBP: Leveraging Design Thinking and Behavioral Economics

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Design thinking has been leveraged to create some of the most successful consumer products. Behavioral economics is being applied to leverage natural human behavior for creating healthier habits and better choices. The impact of design thinking and behavioral economics has been an emerging field of study specifically around the field of public health. This course by Dr. Isaac Borowiec, DC applies these cutting-edge behavioral sciences to the chiropractic practice so you can create active care plans that are sticky and work for each individual patient. In this lecture, we apply these concepts specifically to chronic lower back pain. 

Learning Objectives:

After viewing this course, registrants will be able to:

1. Explain and understand the basics of design thinking and its applications to clinical care.
2. Discuss and understand the basics of behavioral economics and its application to designing “sticky” or practical active care treatment plans.

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Isaac I Borowiec


Dr. Borowiec studied Kinesiology at San Diego State University where he focused on rehabilitative sciences. After graduating from Palmer Chiropractic college, he continued on as an adjunct professor of anatomy and clinical instruction. Dr. Borowiec is named on a pending patent for the first non-flat ergonomic standing desk mat Topo. He currently practices full time in Manhattan for One Medical group at an integrated on-site corporate clinic. Dr. Borowiec recently graduated with a joint MBA and MS in general management and healthcare leadership from Cornell’s Johnson School of Business and the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences. During business school, Dr. Borowiec studied applied economics, design thinking, and healthcare policy; here he began the application of these disciplines to chiropractic practice. 


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