Relevant Rehab: Recovery to Rehab

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Rest is an integral component of healing; however, rest does not equal recovery. The athlete needs to transition from the acute phase of healing and passive care into the sub-acute, corrective and return to play phases of care rapidly with a successful return to ADL’s and sport. In addition, recovery of the soft tissues and joints in training and competition can make the difference between standing on the podium or not even making the finals. Maximizing the recovery process begins with understanding the phases of soft tissue healing as it relates to the phases of active care along with choosing the appropriate passive and active care interventions. The application of, vibration, photobiomodulation compression, therapeutic activities and CMT and will be presented to enable the clinician to address, repair and return to function.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the phases of soft tissue repair and the appropriate modalities to use for each 
  2. Be able to safely transition the patient through all phases of care  
  3. Learn the concepts of layering modalities to enhance recovery from soft tissue injuries   
  4. Be able to apply the use of vibration, compression, photobiomodulation appropriately 
  5. CMT and exercise principles for all phases of care. 

This course is worth 2 CE credits and is co-sponsored by the ACA Sports Council.

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Donald C. DeFabio


Director of Chiropractic Services, DeFabio Spine and Sports Rehab

Donald C. DeFabio, DC, DACRB, DACBSP, DABCO is a 1984 graduate of New York Chiropractic College and currently serves as Director of Chiropractic Services at DeFabio Spine and Sports Rehab. He is triple board certified in Chiropractic Orthopedics, Physical Rehabilitation and Sports injuries as well as maintaining additional certifications as a corrective and performance enhancement specialist (NASM), Stecco Fascial Manipulation, ART, Graston, SMFA, FATKR and MUA.

From 1991-1999 he participated in the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Kona as a member of the race week and race day treatment team. He was the chiropractic doctor for Drew University athletics as well Rutgers’s Track and Field until discontinuing for health reasons in 2016. From 2001 to 2017 he served as a member of the classification panel for the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation for Wheelchair Fencing as well as being the medical co-ordinator for the USA Paralympic fencing team from 1999 – 2015. He speaks nationally on Chiropractic assessment, treatment and physical rehabilitation for NCMIC, Performance Health, and Nexol Pharmaceuticals. His Relevant Rehab courses are known to be engaging, well referenced, high energy and designed to give the clinician the tools needed to immediately implement low tech rehab into their own practice. He has published several articles in peer reviewed journals, is a contributing columnist for Dynamic Chiropractic and publishes The DeFabio Difference rehab and health tips via his website and You Tube Channel which has over 33K subscribers.


Relevant Rehab: Recovery to Rehab
Recorded 10/17/2022
Recorded 10/17/2022 Dr. Donald DeFabio
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2.00 CE Credit credits  |  Certificate available
2.00 CE Credit credits  |  Certificate available Relevant Rehab: From Rehab to Recovery