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  • Documenting the Pediatric Visit

    Contains 5 Component(s), 1 credit offered

    Join Jennifer Brocker, DC, DICCP, president of the ACA Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics, on Monday, Feb. 11, at 1:00 p.m. ET as she highlights the current research on the safety of pediatric chiropractic care and the unique aspects of conducting and documenting a pediatric patient visit, including a narrative history, physical exam and daily subjective-objective-assessment-and-plan (SOAP) notes. After viewing this webinar, registrants will be able to identify and explain the current research on the safety of chiropractic care in pediatrics, describe the unique aspects of the narrative history, physical exam, and SOAP note documentation for a pediatric patient, and more.

  • The Lancet Low Back Pain Series: Why Chiropractors Should Care

    Contains 5 Component(s), 1 credit offered

    In June of 2018 the landmark Lancet Low Back Pain Series was published. Professor Jan Hartvigsen was co-chair for the steering group. In this webinar he will present the content and key points from the series. These include description of what low back pain is and the burden and impact of low back pain on individuals and societies; current recommendations from evidence-based clinical guidelines and the evidence-practice gap that is apparent everywhere; promising new directions in management of low back pain; and finally, a global call to action for individuals, clinicians and decision makers. He will highlight the need for change in the way we deal with low back pain and musculoskeletal disorders and how chiropractors can be important stakeholders in promoting and leading this change.

  • Chiropractic Co-Management of Infants with Suboptimal Breastfeeding

    Contains 5 Component(s), 1 credit offered

    From a public health perspective, breastfeeding has a strong positive impact on both infant and maternal health. Studies now show pediatric chiropractic care may help improve a baby’s ability to breastfeed. This class will empower doctors of chiropractic to effectively manage infant patients with suboptimal breastfeeding.

  • Best Practices for Managing Lower Back Pain

    Contains 5 Component(s), 1 credit offered

    This practical presentation will begin with a discussion of the current evidence-based evaluation and management of common lumbar structural pathology. The discussion will progress to review the most commonly overlooked “functional” problems that delay NMS recovery. In one way or another, these functional diagnoses contribute to many, if not all, of the lumbar structural diagnoses that chiropractors treat. Attendees will leave with immediately applicable, practical information for enhancing clinical outcomes.

  • Choosing Wisely: Spine Imaging- What are the Facts?

    Contains 2 Component(s)

    In the next installment of our Choosing Wisely series, Dr. Andre Bussieres will focus in on ethical use of X-Rays in Chiropractic. The presentation will: • review the reasons why some clinicians use radiography routinely for patients with spine disorders, • discuss when diagnostic imaging is recommended and when it is not, • highlight potential adverse effects associated with routine diagnostic imaging.

  • Choosing Wisely: Beyond the Myth

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    This Webinar will provide an overview of the ACA’s Choosing Wisely program, including how the program was developed, the rationale for each of the items on the ACA’s list, an explanation of what Choosing Wisely is and is not, and the significance of this program for the chiropractic profession.

  • Safety of Chiropractic Research Awareness, Exam and Treatment Procedures; and How to Safeguard Your Practice

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    Are you familiar with the latest research on chiropractic safety? Ronald Farabaugh, DC, offers a refresher on the topic: "Safety of Chiropractic: Research Awareness/Exam and Treatment Procedures." The webinar will review the latest literature on spinal manipulation safety as well as the mechanics of a proper examination and the informed consent process. Information on the association between manipulation and stroke will also be discussed.

  • Ethical and Professional Practice Promotion

    Contains 1 Component(s)

    Join Dr. Heidi Henson as she discusses how to market and promote your Chiropractic business in an ethical and professional way. Dr. Henson will highlight the many dos and don'ts of practice promotion, while offering the advice on how to best fine tune your marketing towards your potential patients. This presentation is part of ACA's "New Doctor Toolkit", designed to help give those doctors beginning their practices the best chance to succeed.

  • Theory-Driven and Evidence-Informed Chiropractic: A 6-Hour Survey

    Contains 14 Component(s), 6 credits offered

    This work provides a brief introduction to the science of chiropractic for the busy clinician or student, explaining in simple terms how theory and evidence may inform and even drive modern clinical practice. The course focuses on five promising theories for evidence-informed practice, including: inflammation, segmental dysfunction, neuroplasticity, immobilization degeneration, and wellness/psychosocial. An overarching goal of the course is for the busy clinician to understand possible scientific explanations for chiropractic and how the research has informed practice guidelines, discuss ways to communicate these topics with patients and other healthcare partners, and incorporate them into the practice behaviors.

  • Medicare Training for the Chiropractic Office

    Contains 17 Component(s), 1 credit offered

    The purpose of this course is to provide doctors of chiropractic and their office staff training on proper documentation for Medicare of chiropractic services.